Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's Been a Long Time Now I'm Coming Back Home

I'm going to try to make this blog live again. My last post was back in May. Since then so much has happened, The Cowboy Festival at Jim Miller Park, I put out my own CD, Walking in the Morning Rain, and played at Cartersville Pop. I also had a CD release party at Copper Coin Coffeehouse. I see some of my friends who stopped by to see me and one or another of my performances have joined The Seeds of Song as followers, thanks! When I started this blog, I thought it might be a way to make some money. Well, now I am older and wiser. So, I will do it for personal satisfaction. I am undecided as of yet on whether to continue the battle of the songwriters series I was posting.

I have enough songs to do another album if I ever feel like dropping another $1000 or so on it. I am continuing to write new songs, but my short term goal is to have enough material to play out and cover about three hours. That means learning lots of covers. To make this goal a reality, I recently purchased a Peavy Escort PA system. So if you ever want a musician for a party, give me a ring please! My rates will be very reasonable. D.B. Patterson, 404-353-4773.

Bye for now and stay tuned for further developments.


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