Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bad Decisions, Short Sided Outlook Crippled the Recording Industry

Randy forwarded me a link to a very good blog post this morning. The title of the post is "Four Mistakes That Killed the Record Indstry (sic) Before File Sharing" posted by blogger Jeff Balke. The four mistakes listed in the post are:

1. CD Sales are not the same as record sales

2. Longevity trumps the flavor of the week

3. Destroying the Chain of Distribution is Death

4. Killing the D.J.

I don't want to steal the author's thunder, so I'll post a link to his blog post so that you can read the complete post:

Four Mistakes that Killed the Record Industry

Corporations are the root of a lot of evil - from BP and the calamity in the gulf of Mexico, to the banking industry, and as described in the article, the entertainment industry. The whole philosophy of always having to earn short term profits to pay out dividends to stock holders tends to encourage short-sided policy that hurts business and society in the long term. And they also bring out the worst in people by rewarding excessive greed and ruthlessness. OK time to come down off of my soapbox.

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