Monday, December 19, 2011

Hilltop Records - Probably Not Legit

A few days ago, out of the blue, I received a letter from Hilltop Records, an independent record label in Hollywood. The letter requested that I send my best songs to Hilltop Records and then they would give them a listen and possibly include them on a compilation album. Hilltop Records would pay me royalties on any recordings sold. Well, I was considering sending them a CD, but then I googled Hilltop Records and found several posts that revealed that most likely Hilltop Records scams songwriters.

According to what I found online, after you send them your music, they follow-up requesting that you send $450 to have your song published and recorded in a studio. And that is how they most likely scam songwriters. You get a demo for $450, but will it ever be put on this supposed compilation CD? Very doubtful. Will you receive a penny of royalties? Again, highly doubtful.

The advice of people who have been around the block a time or two is to never deal with a company that asks you to pay money first upfront - and you shouldn't do it with some company that is contacting practically everyone who submits a copyright. It is obvious that they can collect a lot of money with no hard commitment to ever put your music on any album. Why should they worry about selling anything once they have bilked you out of $450?

For a more in-depth article regarding Hilltop Records, visit According to the article, another company, Amerecord, has a similar M.O. to scam songwriters.

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