Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bandmix.com: One Way to Find Musicians and Songwriters to Collaborate With

I recently bought a one month membership to Bandmix.com for just under ten dollars.  If I would have opted for a year or three months, it would have been cheaper per month, but I am betting that I will find someone in less than a month to jam with.  There is a fee membership level, but with a free membership you can't even directly message people through Bandmix.  So far I have contacted four people whom I think may have potential to be collaborators.  Two have responded.  One lives in Cartersville and because of my contact with him, he joined the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange, which I am helping to promote.  I am going to try to get together with the other respondent some time this week.  I think one of the biggest problems I have had is that I have been too reluctant to get out of my room and actively get involved in making new contacts and finding musicians to play with.  Well, I am a not the most outgoing person.  If I can get past the awkwardness of meeting with a stranger and possibly make a friend who enjoys making music as much as I do it will be well worth it.  The person I hope to meet with this week is roughly my age and has similar musical tastes, so I'll give it a go.

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  1. You're a liar and a douche.. I read for about 8 seconds... and made me angry.. So, judging by the post date -- bandmicks has been in business 3 yrs?.. So you wanted to tell the world about it.. And ur sayin bandmix is great, I imagine you give it thumbs up?.. Your ole stamp of approval?.. Great! thanks you were so vague and indirect in your Total bullshit weak dik plug of crap.. And as I see it a scam as all are.. & seems cool, seems free, seems people are there an doesnt seem that weird that nobody has anymusic on the "Musician profile" At least throw a few fake tracks on like 5 people or so.. So you said how much?.... Right? And for the 3 year plan?



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