Thursday, April 15, 2010

Best Rock and Roll Songwriters - Match-ups and Criteria

I have rethought how I am going to approach this discussion of what band or artist deserves to be recognized as the best songwriter - there are so many that are just so different that any comparisons might be too much like apples to oranges. Therefore, I looked over my list and came up with the match-ups below as well as how what criteria I will use to determine who is best. See below:



lyrics  (1-10 points)

compostion (1-10 points)

influence (1-5  points)

originality (1-5  points)

durability (1-5  points)


Chuck Berry Vs Buddy Holly

David Bowie Vs Elton John

Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin

The Animals vs The Kinks

The Doors vs Lou Reed

The Eagles vs Creedence Clearwater Revival

Pete Townsend vs Eric Clapton

The Police vs The Clash

The Beach Boys vs Crosby, Stills and Nash

Bruce Springsteen vs Neil Young

The Grateful Dead vs Bob Dylan

The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones


As always, any feedback is appreciated. I will start at the top of my list next week, so look for it!


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with this. For me, here's who I like!

    Buddy Holly,
    Elton John
    Led Zeppelin (despite Plant's horrific lyrics)
    Kinks (not even close!)
    Pete (easy!)
    Police (love the Clash, but the Police were better)
    Beach Boys (if it were CSNY, a lot tougher)
    Dylan (c'mon, are you being serious?)
    Beatles (LOVE the Stones, listen to them more, but for songwriting, The Beatles set the bar).


  2. Interesting picks thanks for the input - on some of these I don't even know how I'll vote yet - hopefully the point system will help me decide...

    And this is about songwriting not who I like to listen to the most or which is my favorite - usually they are the same but maybe not always...



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