Sunday, January 9, 2011

Open Mic Mania Final Show - A Win for Live Music and Entertainment

Last night I attended the final Open Mic Mania which was held at The City Loft in Cartersville, Georgia. It was a resounding success! A large and appreciative crowd showed up to see local musicians perform their own original songs and music and stuck around to see who would ultimately win. Twelve songwriters competed in this final Open Mic Mania event. Several members of the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange were among the twelve contestants including Cindy Smith, Allen Hicks, Gavin (EZ) Powell, Debbie Gains, Ron Caird and Shawn Michael Haney. Each performed a song and then the judges picked five winners. Then these five winners each performed one more song and the judges picked the final winner from this set of five. At the end of the night, local musician Rick McKee was pronounced the winner. Mr. McKee is very talented, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who likes to catch live music.

We were also treated to performances of the Owens Brothers who were joined by their beautiful and talented daughter Amanda who sang "All Around the World", a song written by a friend of the Owen's who passed away several years ago. It was an emotional and passionate performance. Later on, I got a chance to play harmonica with Randy and Billy as they performed a couple of Randy Owen's original songs "Go Away" and "It Don't Matter to Me".

What a great evening. Thanks to all the musicians with the pluck to put their talent on the line in front of a live crowd and a special thanks to the Owens - Randy, Billy, Patricia and Amanda who give so much of themselves to promote local musical talent. Make sure to read The Seed of Song to find out more about upcoming events such as the "Songwriters Showcase" in February in which a circle of four of the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange members will play and join in on their own original songs. The first showcase will feature myself, Allen Hicks, Jeff Putnam and Cindy Smith. I hope to see you there!


  1. It was a great show! So much talent in one place.

  2. Thanks Dave, There were over 130 people in attendance. I think feb. showcase will just as big.

  3. Your welcome Patricia, glad to help. I made a short post in the news section of that links back to this post. If you want, I can make you and editor as well so that you can post on


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