Thursday, January 6, 2011

Songwriter Showcases in Cartersville - Great Live Entertainment

The Cartersville Songwriters exchange will be hosting two songwriter showcases in 2011. The first will be in February and will feature four songwriters, each performing about a half an hours worth of their own material. What a great way for aspiring musicians and songwriters to garner some attention! This event is relatively unique because it differs from a typical open mic in that the music is new, and right from the source. You can find a ton of places that have an open mic night, and most of the performers at these open mics play covers of songs that the audience has heard over and over again. Randy Owens, the founder of the Cartersville Songwriters exchange, and his wife Patricia are working with the local media in Cartersville to help promote the event. The first showcase will feature Cindy Smith, Allen Hicks, Jeff Putnam and myself. Look for these Artists on ReverbNation to hear some of their original music. The showcase will take place in The City Loft in downtown Cartersville. This is a great venue for acoustic music. There is lots of room, it is separated from the City Cellar restaurant, so there isn't much background noise to distract the listener and the wooden floors make the room nice acoustically. Keep reading The Seeds of Song for more information about upcoming shows and future events. 2011 looks to be an exciting year.

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