Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cartersville Songwriter's Exchange - New Venue in the Works

According to a conversation I had with Randy, a restaurant owner in Cartersville has agreed to let us start having our meetings in an upstairs room during off hours. From what I understand, he may be interested in having us perform there as well, if we can draw enough customers. This is a very vague post, and I apologize for that - I should have more details in the near future. I am hoping that it isn't a week night, but even if it is, I will still do what I can to make the trip from Smyrna to Cartersville to attend. I am glad there is still support out there for people to help musicians who wish to perform their own material - I hope we can get enough music down to put on a decent show. In other news I have a new song that I am working on dedicated to my old employer "They Sold Me Down the River". The good thing about songwriting is that it is a great way to deal with life hardships. Short post this time, cheers.

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