Monday, May 10, 2010

Want Free Guitar Lessons? Try YouTube

I am a self-taught guitarist - I learned to play by ear and by learning the chords to lots of songs so that I developed a sense for structure and and color. But it is hard to continue to grow sometimes by just trying to learn new chords and doodling around - you find it hard to break out of the same old patterns - and when the same old chord combinations in your musical toolbox no longer can inspire you when you sit down to write a song.

Lately I have been searching YouTube for terms like "rock chord progressions" or "rock guitar riffs". You can find a lot of good videos, many done by professionals who slow it down enough for you to follow while they explain how to play a certain riff or strum pattern. I recently wrote a new song I was kind of pleased with after checking out a few of these videos and getting inspired by learning new progressions. This was actually a happy song, a welcome change from the mood of songs that I usually write. I played it at the Cartersville Song Exchange for the first time last Saturday and my fellow songwriters there liked it, so that felt good.

I plan to continue looking for useful videos on YouTube to learn new techniques and riffs. You have to love the internet! There has never been a better time to learn guitar with all of the free resources that you can now access.

1 comment:

  1. This guitarist has a number of good videos.

    Learn n master funk guitar style of James Brown funky rhythm.



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