Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Music Video - A Song About Facebook

Well, this week I took the plunge and bought myself a camcorder - the Sony Bloggie. It cost less than $200 and can record in high definition. With Kathy's help I shot my first music video to promote one of my songs. I may be jumping the gun here because I really need to create a YouTube channel and a website with a shopping cart where people can purchase music (after I have better quality MP3's made).

I don't have any real video editing software. Windows Movie Maker was unable to import the mpegs as they were recorded by the camcorder. First I converted them to WMV's but after I edited my project in Windows Movie Maker it kept failing when I tried to export my finished project. I ended up compositing it in Flash and exporting as an .avi and then re-importing the movie into Movie Maker and exporting as an MP4 for the web. I reduced the sized and quality to make sure it could handle the export, so now I have a very amateurish video - (I lip synced to a pre-recorded sound track) but at least it is more interesting than just setting up a tripod getting everything in one shot.

The video has been posted to YouTube. I am toying with branding myself so I chose the name "Davey Bryans", derived from my real name. Is it a dumb name? Or is it too much like a porn star name?

Anyway the video is below and your feedback is appreciated.

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