Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All the jobs I have had...

Creative types often have to take rather odd jobs in order to pay the bills while waiting for someone to recognize their talents.  Maybe this could be the subject of a future song, lol.  Or maybe not.

Well you have to pay the bills... in roughly chronological order:

Ice Cream Truck Vendor
Intelligence Operations Specialist USAF
Summer Help Wood County Phone Company
Graphics, Agricultural School at UW Madison
Environmental Activist
Restaurant Prep Cook
DJ AM Radio Station
Butcher's Assistant
Telemarketer (2 god-awful times)
Administrative Assistant
Electronic Funds Transfer 
Multimedia and Graphic Design
Day laborer
UPS worker
Graphic Designer (3 different companies)
Web Designer (2 different companies)

Which one sucked the most?  Possibly one of my telemarketing jobs in which I was selling a system to help people who wet the bed.  Their celebrity spokesperson was Suzanne Somers (who had that problem as a child).  So lots of jokers would send in cards requesting more information with someone else's phone number on it as a prank and I'd call the phone number and say "I understand that there is someone in your home with a bedwetting problem." Of course then the answer would be something along the lines as "WTF?".  Anybody else have a story to share?

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