Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time to Become a Better Musician?

It is rather ironic, but even though I have just created this blog on songwriting this month, at the present time I think that I am more inclined to spend time becoming a better player than writing more songs. One reason for this is that I think I could be better inspired if I could play more complex and interesting chord progressions. The songs I write are usually only four or five chords usually. Mostly the old I, IV, V type progression with a relative minor. I usually use suspended chords and seventh chords to help make things more interesting as well, but I'd really like to explore some jazz and swing progressions and see if those colorings might take me to new places lyrically as well as musically. I know I need to work on a more disciplined approach when I practice - to follow through on clear objectives. Even though I have more time than ever since I lost my job, I am spending a lot of time obsessing about what I am going to do now. I really, really hate job hunting! Sorry about getting off on a tangent. I just joined my first pay per post blogger network and I need to insert the random phrase below into this post to verify ownership:

Underneath a libel washes the motorway.

Before I get off on any more random tangents, I think it is time to end this post.

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