Monday, March 8, 2010

Keep Those Old Notebooks of Lyrics

Several years ago I had written a song about an image on a tarot card - building a short narrative based on that picture.  I came up with some chords and a melody, but it just wasn't working - the chord structure wasn't quite right, and I had a hard time singing the melody.  Just recently though it all fell in to place.  I hadn't thought about making that song for years but for some reason the new chords just fell in to place one day when I thought about giving it another go.

One of the Red Hot Chili Peppers biggest hits, Under the Bridge, was languishing in Anthony Kiedis' notebook until producer Rick Rubin found it while the Chili Peppers were working on what was to become perhaps their best album, Bood Sugar Sex Magik.  Anthony had written about a time in his life when he was going through a lot of emotional turmoil and was hanging out doing cocaine "under the bridge" - some bridge in downtown Los Angeles that Kiedis wishes to be left undisclosed.  Kiedis was not planning on turning this poem into a song - he thought it was too emotionally angst ridden to fit in with the rest of their songs.  But Rubin thought it had potential, and the poem became a hit song.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see what has been right under your nose all along.

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