Saturday, March 6, 2010

Michael Franti of Spearhead Wrote a Hit Song in Woody Harrelson's Bathroom

I heard this story on 92.9 dave FM. Michael Franti of  the group Spear was staying at Woody Harrelson's house while Harrelson was away filming.  Franti was in the shower when an idea for a melody came to him - and he was able to to come up with lyrics as well.  To make sure he got his ideas down before he might forget them, the first thing he did when he emerged from the shower was to write them with his finger on the steamed up glass of the bathroom mirror.

While he was sitting on the toilet, he got a call from Woody.  Michael told him he was sitting on the toilet and had just came up with a song in the bathroom, to which Harrelson replied, "is it a No. 1 or No. 2?".

The song that Michael had written was "Say Hey (I Love You)".  It  made the Top 100, and the album the Top 40.

Listen to Say Hey (I Love You)

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