Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guitars, Strings, Harmonicas

For what it is worth, here are some equipment recommendations. I have a Dean acoustic-electric guitar which I am very happy with. The sound is rich, it is easy to play, it looks good and it has a built in electronic tuner. I bought it last summer for less than $600, the most I have ever paid for an acoustic, but well worth it. It was tricky to find where to put new batteries in for the built-in tuner when they went dead. In case there is anyone out there with a new Dean guitar like mine, the batteries aren't located anywhere close to where the tuner is. At first, I thought I had to unscrew the tiny screws that hold this in place and look for the batteries inside, but no need. The batteries go in in a compartment in the same area as the output where the instrument cable goes. I didn't get a manual with the guitar (that would have been helpful).

I have been using a variety of steel strings over the years from Martin to D'Addario to discount brands. My friend Randy Owens of the Owens Brothers Band recently recommended Elixir strings. He said they have a great sound, play well and continue to sound good a lot longer than other strings that he has used. They do cost more according to Randy, but the extra value is worth it. I am going to be sure to give them a go next time I change my strings

As for harmonicas, I almost always buy Hohners, even though the prices of simple diatonic harmonicas continue to increase. I bought a Suzuki Promaster harp in the key of A to play blues in E and I am finding that I really like it. It sounds good, and the reeds are more durable. It was expensive though - close to $40 for a diatonic harmonica. At least you can order new reed plates so that you don't have buy a whole new harmonica when they start wearing out.

I hope that you find this information helpful

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