Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Should I Submit My Songs to Songwriting Submission Sites and Contests?

I did a search on Songwriting Contests 2010 in order to share the results with my followers. It seems there are quite a number of sites that claim that to promote your songs by distributing them on feeds and archiving them in databases that are accessed by producers and musicians. But what happens if you send your song in and it is stolen outright? Is it foolish to even consider sites like this if your material hasn't been copyrighted? I'd like a shot at making some money from my songs, but would definitely feel like an idiot if I let someone else make all the money from my work because I was too lazy to protect my material before I started promoting it. If anyone can offer advice, please feel free to comment on this post.


  1. Copyright your works. It's easy (mostly) and you can do it all online. Do everything you can to protect your intellectual property + do everything you can to promote it = a slim to none chance of success! Sigh...

  2. Thanks Jeff. I know I need to do this even though it is painful to cough up $35 a son. That is the cheapest fee I have found so far for this.

  3. Unfortunately there are some untrustworthy people which may steal your music but these submission sites are a great way to get exposure and share your work with the world. Copyright your work and you will deter people from this.

  4. You can copyright as many songs as you want to for $35 if you do it as a collection. I did 8 or 9 songs last for $35.

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