Thursday, March 4, 2010

Double Vision

Finally got the courage up to do my first open mike in years.  Kathy and I went to REV's open mike.  We were there at almost 8:00 PM, the posted start time, and the sign-up board for performers was already full.  There was a lot of decent talent last night, it's good to know that I live in an area where people appreciate local performers.  REV is run by some really nice people, and the coffee and food is quite excellent.  I choose a decaf caramel apple tea so I wouldn't be too wired to sleep.  I think the facility that REV is housed in used to be a garage - the decor has an industrial motif.  Lighting and acoustics are a bit harsh.

Eventually someone dropped out of their slot and I made my move and wrote my name in empty spot on the sign-up board.  I was able to perform "Walking in the Morning Rain" and "Here's One for Your Ego".  The first song is about domestic tension with a spouse or significant other.  The second is kind of tongue in cheek humor with a little bit of real pain at its core.  I really did look up an old fling and she totally ignored me - she ended up blocking me after I sent her a couple of emails so I tracked her down, cut off her head and drove a stake through her heart - OK not really.  But I did get a good song out of it so that helped me finally achieve closure.

One final comment - does anyone feel self-conscious when performing and you are trying to stand closer to the microphone so you kind of get cross-eyed while you are tracking it visually?  I wonder it looks weird from the audience's perspective?

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